The PowerMaster line of Door Operators offers solutions for your overhead or sliding door needs. Our operators are UL 325 and UL 991 listed. Applications include rolling grilles, wood sectional doors, steel rollup doors and many types of sliding partitions. To help determine the proper unit for your application, fill out our Door Operator Selection Worksheet.

What Operator Do I need?

  • Trolley-type operators use rails to create a path for the door to travel. A traveling device is connected to the door, and a chain is connected from the operator to the traveler. When activated, the operator moves the chain, in turn pulling the traveler (and the door) up along its path.
  • Slide Door operators are used where there is a need to partition off an area or passageway, such as a fire partition, freezer door, or warehouse area.
  • Hoist and Jackshaft operators are mounted to the side of the door or the front of the hood in the case of a grille application. Hoist operators have emergency hand chain which assists in operating the door manually. Jackshaft operators have a disconnect lever, which disengages the unit so that it can be lifted manually.
  • Gear Reduced operators are used where there is a heavy door to operate, many cycles per hour, or a combination of both.

Belt Driven Operators

  • APT

    Apartment House Trolley Operator

  • CH

    Carwash Hoist Operator

  • CJ

    Carwash Jackshaft Operator

  • CT

    Carwash Trolley Operator

  • H

    Hoist Operator

  • J

    Jackshaft Operator

  • MH

    Medium Duty Hoist Operator

  • MJ

    Medium Duty Jackshaft Operator

  • MT

    Medium Duty Trolley Operator

  • RJ

    Jackshaft Release Operator

  • SL

    Commercial Sliding Door Operator

  • T

    Trolley Operator

Gear Reduced Operators

  • CGH

    Center Mounted Gear Head Operator

  • D-CGH

    Center Mounted Gear Head Operator with DC Motor

  • D-GJ

    Gear Reduced Jackshaft Operator with DC Motor

  • D-MG

    Gear Reduced Hoist Operator with DC Motor

  • EMG

    Explosion Proof Gear Reduced Hoist Operator

  • GJ

    Gear Reduced Jackshaft Operator

  • GSL

    Gear Reduced Industrial Slide Door Operator

  • GT

    Gear Reduced Trolley Operator

  • MG

    Gear Reduced Hoist Operator

  • WMG

    Watertight Gear Reduced Hoist Operator

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The PowerMaster line is UL listed and is renowned for its consistent quality, reliability, and efficiency, while keeping in step with the latest available technology in the industry. Together with our distributors, we have supplied door and gate operators all across North & South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Give us a call with your next job requirements, and let us show you how we can surpass your expectations!

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