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Door Operators

//Door Operators
  • APT

    Apartment House Trolley Operator

  • CGH

    Center Mounted Gear Head Operator

  • CH

    Carwash Hoist Operator

  • CJ

    Carwash Jackshaft Operator

  • CT

    Carwash Trolley Operator

  • D-CGH

    Center Mounted Gear Head Operator with DC Motor

  • D-GJ

    Gear Reduced Jackshaft Operator with DC Motor

  • D-MG

    Gear Reduced Hoist Operator with DC Motor

  • EMG

    Explosion Proof Gear Reduced Hoist Operator

  • GJ

    Gear Reduced Jackshaft Operator

  • GSL

    Gear Reduced Industrial Slide Door Operator

  • GT

    Gear Reduced Trolley Operator